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7Mesh Thunderpant: Waterproof Gravel Bike Pant

7mesh gravel bike pants

Not a better day to take a look at a waterproof gravel bike pant… than a day on which raindrops are falling out of the sky as if they are pretending to be the next Niagara Waterfalls. Having received a mail from 7Mesh this morning to introduce their new gravel bike pants, I am happy […]

Do aero cycling jerseys make you really faster?

biehler aero cycling jerseys

All cyclists, whether professional or recreational, are obsessed with everything that’s aero. Be it bikes, wheels, helmets, or bike apparel, going aero, as in aerodynamic, is the mantra for cyclists. However, many doubt the legitimacy of using aero cycling jerseys. You also are probably wondering whether your choice of bike clothing can actually impact your […]

Isadore X Osram winter jacket with built-in lighting system review

isadore x osram review

Winter is coming… no dragons or undead we have to fight but short days, dark nights and showers here and there. True ‘Flandriens’ as we are, these harsh weather conditions will not stop us from cycling outdoors. With some precautions taken of course; a warm and comfortable cycling jacket, winter gloves, long waterproof bib shorts […]

The Benefits of Bib Shorts

q36.5 bib shorts

For all the people out there, who are interested in becoming a professional in cycling, you need to have proper cycling wear to start with. You might have heard about professional bikers choosing bibs over bike pants or shorts- why is that? Bibs look so uncomfortable and almost resemble the odd vintage wrestling singlet but […]

Q36.5 L1 Pinstripe Review

Q36.5 L1 Pinstripe cycling jersey review

Last spring, I was on a quest for a new cycling jersey. Planning to cycle up to 15000 km this year and planning to climb the Mont Ventoux 6 times on a single day in July, I was looking for a high-quality shirt for endurance rides. A shirt which would keep me protected and ventilated […]

The best retro cycling jerseys

brooklyn chewing gum retro cycling jerseys

One of the most exciting sports, Cycling is a colourful and vibrant extravaganza. What adds to the colour-infused dynamism of this sport is the striking designs and patterns of the cycling jerseys. However, sometimes modern jerseys could be dull and uninspiring. This is where retro cycling jerseys aka vintage cycling jerseys can really add a […]

How to choose a cycling jersey?

how to choose your cycling jersey

Riding down the mountain or the street, cycling is an enjoyable sport- regardless of you doing it as a leisure activity or professionally. It is an excellent opportunity for seeing new cities and socializing with new people. Some people also perform cycling to keep themselves fit and in shape. But, since this is a demanding […]

How to choose your gravel bike clothing cycling kit?

gravel bike clothing

Gravel biking has become a perfect bridge between mountain and road biking; which is why having gravel cycling wear is important. While there are different kits and clothing requirements, street and mountain cycling, gravel biking wear inherits the best of both worlds because the gravel bike clothing cycling kits combine comfort with endurance. It has […]