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The most complete guide about cycling bib shorts

full guide on cycling bib shorts

As a endurance rider, I’m always searching for the best of the best when it comes down to cycling clothes. Spending hours and hours on a hard carbon road bike saddle, one of the most important parts of my everyday cycling equipment are bib shorts. But what’s the difference between different kind of bib shorts? […]

Endurance bib shorts : Gobik Gravity K12 review

Gobik K12 Endurance Bib Shorts Review

There is one thing that I definitely share with Gobik and that is the passion for cycling. A few years ago it started with a ride of 50 kilometers. I still remember how happy and proud I was with my first 100 kilometers. From 100 the distance increased to 150 km and the last two […]

Women’s Cycling Shorts: from custom chamois to toilet breaks

cycling shorts for women

Women cycling shorts have recently gained immense popularity in the cycling apparel world. A trend which goes hand in glove with the overall cycling popularity increase amongst women. Gone are the days women had to choose men’s bike pants. And fair enough… we deserve our own bike wear! The exclusive female shorts not just enhance […]

7Mesh Thunderpant: Waterproof Gravel Bike Pant

7mesh gravel bike pants

Not a better day to take a look at a waterproof gravel bike pant… than a day on which raindrops are falling out of the sky as if they are pretending to be the next Niagara Waterfalls. Having received a mail from 7Mesh this morning to introduce their new gravel bike pants, I am happy […]

The Benefits of Bib Shorts

q36.5 bib shorts

For all the people out there, who are interested in becoming a professional in cycling, you need to have proper cycling wear to start with. You might have heard about professional bikers choosing bibs over bike pants or shorts- why is that? Bibs look so uncomfortable and almost resemble the odd vintage wrestling singlet but […]