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Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes, from iconic sneaker to cycling shoe

Adidas Black Velosamba Cycling Shoes

Ai caramba… you want to dance the samba? Who doesn’t recall or who hasn’t worn the iconic Adidas sneakers names Adidas samba. Iconic, legandary, trendsetter,… the list of compliments goes on and on. Adidas, the brand with the three stripes, has now launched a special cycling version of its iconic sneaker: the Adidas Velosamba cycling […]

Adidas Cycling Shoe Review

adidas road cycling shoe review

Adidas and the cycling world… I suppose few of you will directly connect the dots. Basketball yes, soccer yes, running yes,… but cycling? The German brand nevertheless has a rich history in cycling sport. We should even go a few decades back in the time to the 50’s of the 20th Century. That’s when Adidas […]

Sidi gravel shoes

gravel shoes green

Gravel biking…it has never been so popular. A cycling middle way which fills up the gap between road race cycling and mountain biking. Since gravel biking has become a cycling category on its own, it also deserves cycling apparel of its own. Because one thing needs to be very clear, there is a difference between […]