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The Little Belgium Cycling Ultra Ride: A Journey of Endurance and Grit

Little Belgium by bike

The Little Belgium Ultra Cycling Ride is not just a test of physical endurance but a journey that carves the shape of Belgium beneath the relentless turning of wheels. Starting from the heart of Brussels, this 300+ kilometer cycling tour is a tribute to the spirit of adventure that lies within every cyclist’s heart. Imagine […]

How to buy the perfect pair of gravel shorts?

my gravel shorts guide

I have always been riding my long distance rides on safe paved roads…until last week. A friend of mine has two gravel bikes and invited me for a 60 km long off road gravel ride. I must admit… I was interested in gravel riding. Some say it offers the best of both worlds, road racing […]

Sidi gravel shoes

gravel shoes green

Gravel biking…it has never been so popular. A cycling middle way which fills up the gap between road race cycling and mountain biking. Since gravel biking has become a cycling category on its own, it also deserves cycling apparel of its own. Because one thing needs to be very clear, there is a difference between […]

7Mesh Thunderpant: Waterproof Gravel Bike Pant

7mesh gravel bike pants

Not a better day to take a look at a waterproof gravel bike pant… than a day on which raindrops are falling out of the sky as if they are pretending to be the next Niagara Waterfalls. Having received a mail from 7Mesh this morning to introduce their new gravel bike pants, I am happy […]

How to choose your gravel bike clothing cycling kit?

gravel bike clothing

Gravel biking has become a perfect bridge between mountain and road biking; which is why having gravel cycling wear is important. While there are different kits and clothing requirements, street and mountain cycling, gravel biking wear inherits the best of both worlds because the gravel bike clothing cycling kits combine comfort with endurance. It has […]