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My personal guide about Virtual Everesting or vEveresting on Alpe du Zwift

virtual everesting or vEveresting guide on Alpe du Zwift

Hey everyone! I’ll be sharing my experience completing a virtual “Everesting” challenge (aka vEveresting) on the Alpe du Zwift in the popular program Zwift. For those who may not be familiar, “Everesting” is the challenge of climbing the equivalent elevation of Mount Everest (8849 metres or 29.029 feet) on a bike. The Alpe du Zwift […]

My carb loading guide for endurance cycling races and events

carb loading for endurance cycling

If you’re an endurance cyclist, you’ve probably heard about carb loading. If you’re going on a long ride, it’s important to fuel properly. Being an ultra cyclist or endurance rider myself carb loading is vital to perform. But what is it? And how does it help your performance? Carb loading can be a helpful way […]

The iconic Mapei vintage retro cycling jersey

Mapei retro vintage cycling jersey

The Mapei brand is one of the most important in the history of cycling. Giorgio Squinzi was passionate about two-wheelers and was the driving force behind a legendary squad that is now part of the history books of our sport. His daughter, Veronica Squinzi, is now the CEO of the group. For her, Mapei’s return […]

Tour du Mont Blanc Cyclo : My Story and Experience

Tour du Mont Blanc Cyclo Finish

It all started in October 2021. Having finished the 10 k Everesting challenge (climbing 10000+ altitude meters in one ride and one day), I was looking for a new challenge. A challenge that would surpass all previous ones. I took my dear friend Google and did a search on “toughest road race in the world”. […]