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Waarom zou je Chinese carbon racewielen kopen?

chinese carbon racewielen

Er zijn vele redenen om Chinese carbon racewielen te kopen. De eerste en meest voor de hand liggende is de prijs. Ze zijn veel goedkoper dan wielen van andere bekende merken zoals DT Swiss en Roval. Vooral als je ze in grote hoeveelheden koopt. Dit bespaart ook op verzendkosten, wat betekent dat je totale kosten […]

All you want to know about Chinese carbon road bike brand Winspace

winspace chinese road bike brand

You’ve probably heard of Trek and Specialized, two of the most popular carbon fiber bike brands out there. They’re both American companies that have been around for decades. But what if I told you there’s another brand that offers even better quality products at a fraction of the price? That’s right – it’s Winspace; a […]

Why should you buy Chinese carbon bike wheels?

Chinese carbon road bike wheels

There are many reasons to buy Chinese carbon bike wheels. The first and most obvious is the price. They are much cheaper than wheels from other well-known brands like DT Swiss and Roval. Especially if you buy them in bulk. This also saves on shipping costs, which means that your total cost per wheel goes […]

Are Chinese road bike brands safe?

are chinese road bike brands safe

Chinese road bike brands are generally considered to be safe, as long as they are made by reputable manufacturers and meet the same quality standards as road bikes from other countries. Like any other product, the safety of a Chinese road bike will depend on its design, materials, and construction, and not all Chinese road […]

All you want to know about Chinese carbon road bike brand Ican

ICAN Chinese Carbon Bike Frame Brand

Today I want to talk about the Chinese carbon bike frame brand ICAN. By the way, Ican is not a Chinese abbreviation but just two English words written together “I Can”! And that is exactly the philosophy of this fine Asian company. They want to get people into cycling by offering quality products at affordable […]

Why are Chinese carbon bike frames so cheap and affordable?

cheap and affordable chinese bike frames

As you may know by now, when it comes to equipment, I am a wuss. Only the best is good enough if you want to perform and reach your goals. Especially in the field of gran fondos, long distance and ultra cycling where you often spend more than 10 hours on your bike. Using inferior […]

What to consider when buying Chinese carbon bikes and wheels online?

buying chinese bikes and wheels online

When shopping for a carbon bike frame at a Chinese webshop, there are a few important factors to consider to ensure that you get the best quality frame for your money. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision when buying carbon bikes or carbon wheels online from a Chinese manufacturer. In […]

All you want to know about Chinese carbon road bike brand Yoeleo

Yoeleo Chinese carbon bike brand

There’s no denying the appeal of buying a bike from a brand you know and trust. But when it comes to carbon road bikes, they can be prohibitively expensive. Yoeleo is one of a few brands that are changing that by offering high-end carbon road bikes at a fraction of the cost of big-name brands […]