How to choose a cycling jersey?

how to choose your cycling jersey

Riding down the mountain or the street, cycling is an enjoyable sport- regardless of you doing it as a leisure activity or professionally. It is an excellent opportunity for seeing new cities and socializing with new people. Some people also perform cycling to keep themselves fit and in shape. But, since this is a demanding physical activity- you need to stay well-equipped and wear proper cycling jerseys. Stepping into the amazing world of cycling apparels can be overwhelmed with the wide product range. If you have no idea from where to begin, then check out the elements you need to check before buying bike clothing. How to choose a cycling jersey?

Types of Bike Jerseys

Mainly there are 2 types of cycling wear, these are- Race Cut and Club Cut.

Race Cut Bike Apparel

The Race Cut Bike clothing is made mostly for professional cyclists and is used for mountain cycling. This gravel cycling wear has a tight fit on the wearer to make it more aerodynamic. This cut wear is usually slightly short; you might have to pair these up with bib shorts.

Race cut cycling jersey of Tic-cc

Club Cut Cycling Wear

If you are not a pro-rider, then club cut jersey is best for you. These bike jerseys are made to proffer a relaxed fit. Unlike the Race Cut, these are quite long and can be worn with either bib shorts or normal cycling pants. This is a great option for occasional or non-professional cyclists.

Factors to Consider while choosing a Cycling Jersey


All bike jerseys are meant to fit the rider’s body type perfectly. If you wear loose cycling clothing, you will be slowed down by the wind. Although, ‘not wearing loose’ does not mean that you have size down during your shopping. The makers of the bike wear already make the jersey accordingly. Go for form-fitting rather than a smaller size. 

Remember that the back of the shirt has a drop tail, meaning it will be longer on the back. This is done to prevent the bike clothing from riding up; to check this raise your arm to your bike handle level and see whether the edge rises too high.

Mountain Biking or Road Biking?

This is an important aspect as there is a huge difference in the speed of both terrains. Mountain bikers do not have to worry about aerodynamics. This is why they generally prefer road bike apparel over aero cycling jersey; as they have pockets, and are more loose-fitting.

Partial Zip & Full Zip

Normally, bike jerseys have front zippers; this allows the rider to get as much ventilation as s/he needs. You will have an option to choose from full or partial zip-up options. While full zipper can be hard to close once unzipped fully, it provides the best ventilation. The Partial zipper in cycling jerseys comes down to 2/3rd of the front, making it a more convenient option.

Ride your Dreams cycling jersey with no zipper.

Sleeves; Short or Long?

This would depend on your demographical location- if you live in a hot temperature region then short sleeves will make the cut. However, you should have a pair of both types of sleeved bike jerseys along with bike shorts. Furthermore, there are uphill climbs that feel cold at first but get warm eventually.

You can get arm warmers to be paired with your short sleeve cycling apparel. Once you feel warm enough, during cycling, then you can always remove the warmers and store them in your pockets. For the cooler weather, you can also get yourself a cycling jacket to go with your cycling jersey or you include a heavier long-sleeve jersey in your wardrobe.

Bike Apparel Fabric

To make an aero biking jersey, makers use a blend of synthetic fabrics. This blend generally contains polyester as this fabric type is fairly breathable, lightweight, and keeps away the moisture. This is combined with a stretchy fabric like spandex and other antimicrobial materials. Using these fabrics in cycling apparel avoids odor and smell. 

Castelli Aero Cycling Jersey

You might think of preferring cotton garments as they seem soft and airy, however, you must remember that cotton soaks in perspiration- making it an awful choice for any type of sports. Selecting proper biking clothing will also protect you from exposure to UV rays as these have SPF30 qualities.

There are more expensive cycling apparel as well, they are made from different fabrics for front and back. While the back is layered with water-proof material, the front has more wind-proof qualities. If you are looking forward to having long-term cycling experience, then you must get these.

Additional Features

Many top sports brands make bike clothing and other equipment; however, these have certain features that make them different from others. Check out the buyer reviews to get honest opinions on the product. Moreover, there are a few more aspects of cycling jerseys that you should consider before making your purchase.

These include- Pockets! We all know how useful and functional these small storage slots are. Having pockets on your bike apparel will help you in keeping certain valuables or essentials safe. Most clothing comes with rear pockets, although, you must double-check on this feature. 

These pockets should be easy to reach when you need them, even when you are cycling. You may use this space to keep your cards, gel, energy bars, or any other small item that you require while you are on a biking trip. If the cycling jersey you want to choose has no pockets, trust us and move on to look for a new one.

Cycling Jersey Pockets are crucial when you choose a jersey.
Cycling Jersey Pockets are crucial when you choose a jersey.

Final Verdict

Cycling can be an exciting experience for anyone. And with proper cycling clothing, you can uplift this experience to a hundred folds. Having proper gear while performing any sports activity can not only enhance your performance but also protect you from potential risks and injuries.

While there are multiple factors that you need to focus on, the end results would be comforting. No matter what your body type is or whether you are a professional cyclist or not, having a jersey will only make biking more fun. To enjoy your next bike ride the most, get yourself proper Bike apparel today and choose your cycling jersey wisely taking into account our information, tips and advice.

Frequently asked questions

  • What different zippers can a cycling jersey have?

Most cycling jerseys have a full zip allowing you to open the jersey completely when cycling in warmer conditions. A stylish alternative might be a partial ¾ zipper. Last but not least, there are also cycling jerseys which have no zipper at all. Ride your Dreams is for example a cycling clothing and triathlon clothing brand which manufactures jerseys which are put on like a normal T-shirt. Also, the so-called aero speed suits or skin suits have often no zipper at the front.

  • What are the main aspects to watch when buying a cycling jersey?

How to choose your cycling jersey? First of all, there is of course the fit. A bike jersey should act as a kind of second skin. Next, the fabrics are of main importance. Synthetic fabrics like lycra are comfortable, quick-dry and have a high breathability. Avoid cotton and when choosing wool (because of the vintage look) always go for merino. Merino wool jerseys are not that aero but often feel more comfortable and warmer than synthetic jerseys.

  • Why do cycling jerseys have a longer back?

The back of cycling jerseys is longer than the front. The reason is pretty simple; a longer back ensures your back is always covered when hanging over your handlebar.

  • What are cycling jerseys made off?

Most cycling jerseys nowadays are made off a synthetic fabric. These synthetic fabrics have some clear benefits; they add comfort, are highly breathable, tight fitting (aerodynamic) and quick drying. Some cycling brands also offer wool bike jerseys. Wool has the big benefit it feels more comfortable and warmer. We find wool jerseys ideal for autumn and spring months. When choosing wool preferable go for merino wool. We would never go for cotton jerseys because they absorb your sweat instead of drying it and providing the required breathability and ventilation.

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