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New Cycling and trisuit Clothing brand: Ohana


Aloha dear velofanatics! We are quite enthusiastic today because we have some exciting cycling clothing and triathlon bike wear news to share. Yes, another bike apparel brand will soon see the light of day. The brand we are talking about is the brainchild of Belgian entrepreneur and passionate triathlete Olivier. Welcome Ohana! Ohana at Kickstarter […]

What to wear: winter vs summer cycling clothing

Biehler winter and summer cycling clothing

Cycling all year round… it might sound like utopia but it can become reality! At least when you buy the right bike apparel to face the various meteorological conditions. With the right outfit nevertheless, the weather is no longer an obstacle. You can enjoy your favorite pastime from January to December. Euphoriaaaaaa! Moreover, Being able […]

The Importance of Indoor Cycling Clothing

Rapha Indoor Cycling Clothing

With indoor cycling being popular even before the COVID 19 pandemic started, many companies had already started to produce proper indoor cycling clothing that aimed specifically for indoor cyclists. To get a better grasp of what exactly indoor cycling outfits are and the benefits that come along, it is highly important to understand the concept […]

Black Sheep to present its Hawaii Aloha Shirt Inspired cycling clothing collection

Black sheep aloha shirt cycling clothing collection

It could become one of those sundayzzzsss but not for Black Sheep. The sheepy bike apparel brand has some Aloha news for us velofanatics! Sunday 23rd of October 7 PM AEST (11 AM CET) they will unveil their new cycling collection based on the flamboyant Aloha shirt! Tropical flower patterns, sunsets and sunrises, sex on […]

Wearing underwear under your cycling shorts: do or don’t

Wearing underwear under your cycling clothing

The most commonly asked question is, “Should I be wearing underwear under my cycling shorts?” Well, the answer is right in front of you; read and make a decision for yourself. However, the outcome is pretty obvious. There are some basic ‘do-nots’ of cycling, which every cyclist knows, but if you don’t, then there is […]

The Unique Cycling Clothing Collections of Victory Chimp

Victory Chimp Stampen Cycling Clothing Collection

When we talk about bike apparel, cycling fashion and cycling art, we spontaneously think about the Irish bike wear brand Victory Chimp. Their love and passion for cycling and art results in unique cycling clothing which appeals to more and more riders worldwide… day after day, week after week and month after month. A clear […]

Women’s Cycling Shorts: from custom chamois to toilet breaks

cycling shorts for women

Women cycling shorts have recently gained immense popularity in the cycling apparel world. A trend which goes hand in glove with the overall cycling popularity increase amongst women. Gone are the days women had to choose men’s bike pants. And fair enough… we deserve our own bike wear! The exclusive female shorts not just enhance […]

Cycling shorts: everything you ever wanted to know

cycling shorts

Are you a new entrant in the world of cycling? If you are in the process of discovering the many joys of this sport, you are probably also encountering some of the challenges. As fun as it is, it could be gruelling at times, especially if you are not wearing the right cycling apparel. Just […]

Love it or hate it: the EF Pro Cycling Jersey for the Giro d’Italia 2020

EF Pro Cycling Giro d'italia cycling jersey

Love it or hate it… that’s the first thing that came to my mind when seeing the EF Pro Cycling Jersey for the Giro d’Italia 2020. The least you could say, is that’s unique and eye-catching. Up to you to decide whether this is positive or negative. EF Pro Cycling unveiled this ‘special’ team cycling […]