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The iconic Mapei vintage retro cycling jersey

Mapei retro vintage cycling jersey

The Mapei brand is one of the most important in the history of cycling. Giorgio Squinzi was passionate about two-wheelers and was the driving force behind a legendary squad that is now part of the history books of our sport. His daughter, Veronica Squinzi, is now the CEO of the group. For her, Mapei’s return […]

Top 10 cult retro cycling jerseys

Molteni cult retro cycling jerseys

The road season comes to an end with the 2022 UCI Road World Championships. Once again we saw many trendy new jerseys and cycling outfits the past year. Who knows one day these cycling jerseys will be in a similar top 10 cult retro cycling jerseys. Rather than reviewing these new jerseys, which others have […]

Love it or hate it: the EF Pro Cycling Jersey for the Giro d’Italia 2020

EF Pro Cycling Giro d'italia cycling jersey

Love it or hate it… that’s the first thing that came to my mind when seeing the EF Pro Cycling Jersey for the Giro d’Italia 2020. The least you could say, is that’s unique and eye-catching. Up to you to decide whether this is positive or negative. EF Pro Cycling unveiled this ‘special’ team cycling […]

Do aero cycling jerseys make you really faster?

biehler aero cycling jerseys

All cyclists, whether professional or recreational, are obsessed with everything that’s aero. Be it bikes, wheels, helmets, or bike apparel, going aero, as in aerodynamic, is the mantra for cyclists. However, many doubt the legitimacy of using aero cycling jerseys. You also are probably wondering whether your choice of bike clothing can actually impact your […]

Q36.5 L1 Pinstripe Review

Q36.5 L1 Pinstripe cycling jersey review

Last spring, I was on a quest for a new cycling jersey. Planning to cycle up to 15000 km this year and planning to climb the Mont Ventoux 6 times on a single day in July, I was looking for a high-quality shirt for endurance rides. A shirt which would keep me protected and ventilated […]

How to choose a cycling jersey?

how to choose your cycling jersey

Riding down the mountain or the street, cycling is an enjoyable sport- regardless of you doing it as a leisure activity or professionally. It is an excellent opportunity for seeing new cities and socializing with new people. Some people also perform cycling to keep themselves fit and in shape. But, since this is a demanding […]