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Cycling speedsuits are the next big thing

cycling speedsuits guide

When it comes to clothing, road racing has been slower to adopt the advancements in aerodynamics that have long been utilized in track racing and time-trialing. These disciplines have attracted watt-saving experts who scrutinize both the rider and the bike in search of any possible aerodynamic gains. However, if you take a look at the […]

The ultimate aero road cycling suit guide

aero road cycling suit guide

Road cycling is a sport of endurance and aerodynamic suits can play a significant role in helping you ride faster. As an avid endurance and ultra distance cyclist, I was always curious to find out what is the optimum speed for an aero road cycling suit? In this article, we will reveal the facts about […]

How to sew a hole in your favorite lycra cycling shorts?

How to sew a hole in your lycra cycling shorts

I love cycling, but I hate sewing. And since my favorite shorts seem to have been born with a hole in the crotch (seriously, who sews their cycling bib shorts together through the crotch? And why?), I’ve had to take up needle and thread in order to salvage them for another season. Luckily for you, […]

The most complete guide about cycling bib shorts

full guide on cycling bib shorts

As a endurance rider, I’m always searching for the best of the best when it comes down to cycling clothes. Spending hours and hours on a hard carbon road bike saddle, one of the most important parts of my everyday cycling equipment are bib shorts. But what’s the difference between different kind of bib shorts? […]

Why is uv upf sun protection cycling clothing so important?

upf uv sun protection cycling clothing guide

If you’re a cyclist, then you know the importance of sun protection. Not only does cycling in the sun expose riders to harmful UV radiation, but it also increases your risk of skin cancer by up to 80%. In this post, we’ll discuss why upf uv sun protection cycling clothing is so important when cycling […]

Cycling Caps: a nostalgic part of your cycling kit

retro cycling caps

Over the years, cycling caps have gone from simple everyday items to many more variations and uses. Taking a few steps back into history, wearing caps like cycling caps were always for a purpose. Initially, it is suited to keep sweat that gathers around the forehead from dripping into the eyes. It also helps prevent […]

All about graphene cycling clothing

graphene cycling clothing from oakley

Graphene cycling clothing is the newest addition to the cycling apparel world. It is a material that was discovered in 2004. Since then it has been used in various applications, including electronics and medicine. Graphene is made up of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern. It’s thin, strong and flexible; […]

The iconic Mapei vintage retro cycling jersey

Mapei retro vintage cycling jersey

The Mapei brand is one of the most important in the history of cycling. Giorgio Squinzi was passionate about two-wheelers and was the driving force behind a legendary squad that is now part of the history books of our sport. His daughter, Veronica Squinzi, is now the CEO of the group. For her, Mapei’s return […]

Top 10 cult retro cycling jerseys

Molteni cult retro cycling jerseys

The road season comes to an end with the 2022 UCI Road World Championships. Once again we saw many trendy new jerseys and cycling outfits the past year. Who knows one day these cycling jerseys will be in a similar top 10 cult retro cycling jerseys. Rather than reviewing these new jerseys, which others have […]

My 10 K everesting cycling challenge on the Ballon d’Alsace

10 k everesting cycling challenge

My ultimate goal in 2021 was to finish Le Tour du Mont Blanc: a French bike race around the famous Mont Blanc of 338 kilometres and + 8500 altitude meters / elevation gain. As with so many things Covid ruined the party and the Tour du Mont Blanc was cancelled. Having trained so hard (so […]