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The ultimate aero road cycling suit guide

aero road cycling suit guide

Road cycling is a sport of endurance and aerodynamic suits can play a significant role in helping you ride faster. As an avid endurance and ultra distance cyclist, I was always curious to find out what is the optimum speed for an aero road cycling suit? In this article, we will reveal the facts about […]

The most complete guide about cycling bib shorts

full guide on cycling bib shorts

As a endurance rider, I’m always searching for the best of the best when it comes down to cycling clothes. Spending hours and hours on a hard carbon road bike saddle, one of the most important parts of my everyday cycling equipment are bib shorts. But what’s the difference between different kind of bib shorts? […]

My basic race road bike maintenance guide

Road Race Bike Maintenance Guide

Whether or not you are an ultra cyclist, proper bike maintenance is crucial to guarantee a safe, solid and smooth ride. The past months I have received a few questions about how I maintain my road bike on a daily and weekly basis. Daily use can namely cause damage to your bike, whether it be […]

How to buy the perfect pair of gravel shorts?

my gravel shorts guide

I have always been riding my long distance rides on safe paved roads…until last week. A friend of mine has two gravel bikes and invited me for a 60 km long off road gravel ride. I must admit… I was interested in gravel riding. Some say it offers the best of both worlds, road racing […]