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My basic race road bike maintenance guide

Road Race Bike Maintenance Guide

Whether or not you are an ultra cyclist, proper bike maintenance is crucial to guarantee a safe, solid and smooth ride. The past months I have received a few questions about how I maintain my road bike on a daily and weekly basis. Daily use can namely cause damage to your bike, whether it be […]

The new 2023 Rudy Project collection

Rudy Project 23 Collectie

When it comes to bike helmets and cycling glasses, I can’t complain. It’s safe to say that I have a slight fetish for them. 1, 2, 3,…. 6 bicycle helmets in all sorts of colours and from different brands colour my bike wardrobe. Three by Specialized, one by Limar and two by Rudy Project. Open […]

Arenberg launches road bike helmet with integrated 4K camera: the RH-1

Arenberg RH-1 White

Being cycling velofanatics we all know how hard it is to take that perfect shot or to record that perfect video while cycling. We have all been there, smartphone in our hands or selfie stick-wise, being more a circus artist than a cyclist just to get that perfect picture or movie. Arenberg, an Australian bike […]

The best cycling face masks

q36.5 face masks cycling

Covid-19… it hits the world harder than ever before. It’s time to stick together, to fight together and to take care of yourself and of others. Many cycling brands understood the urgency and need for high-quality face masks and partially switched their production to face masks. Together we will defeat this virus and end the […]

Prologo Limited Edition Tour of Flanders Saddle

Prologo bettiol tour of flanders saddle

Fashionable cycling is not only about wearing eye-catching and bike matching cycling clothes but is also about an eye for accessory details. One of these accessories which will for sure bring up a few Ooohhsss and Aaaahhss is the new masterpiece of Italian bike saddle brand Pologo. To celebrate the Tour the Flanders victory of […]