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Graphene cycling clothing is the newest addition to the cycling apparel world. It is a material that was discovered in 2004. Since then it has been used in various applications, including electronics and medicine. Graphene is made up of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern. It’s thin, strong and flexible; it conducts heat and electricity well; and it’s highly transparent. Its unique properties make it desirable for use in many different products, including cycling clothing.

Graphene is the thinnest, strongest and most conductive material ever discovered. It’s been lauded as being 100 times stronger than steel by weight and 10 times more conductive than copper. It is also flexible, which makes it ideal for use in cycling clothing.

Benefits of graphene cycling clothing

The benefits of cycling clothing like graphene cycling jerseys, graphene jackets and graphene bib pants are very numerous:

  • Lightweight – Graphene is extremely lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for use in sportswear such as cycling jerseys or shorts. It also makes the material feel very comfortable against the skin, which can make all the difference when you’re riding for long distances or in hot weather conditions.
  • Wicking – Graphene has excellent wicking properties which means it will absorb moisture from your body quickly and release it into the air to keep you cool and dry during exercise. This helps prevent chafing and irritation caused by sweat build-up on your skin which can be especially important when riding in hot conditions.
  • Durable – Graphene has incredible durability, meaning that your clothing won’t get damaged easily when you wash it after training or riding sessions. The fibres are strong enough to resist tearing or stretching, even if

Graphene Cycling clothing is now available to buy online in stores of famous brands like Oakley and Alé Cycling.

Graphene is light, strong, flexible and a perfect heat conductor

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a thin layer of carbon atoms arranged in the form of a hexagonal lattice. It’s made up of carbon atoms, arranged in a hexagonal lattice just one atom thick. It’s the most conductive material ever known to mankind.

Why should you wear graphene cycling clothing?

Graphene is an extremely thin layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice just one atom thick. It has many great properties that make it ideal for use in high performance sportswear. This is why several brands have developed their own range of cycling clothing and sports clothing in general.

Graphene cycling clothing is thin, strong and extremely durable

When it comes to cycling clothing, there are many benefits to wearing this type of clothing. Graphene is a material that was first discovered in 2004 and it has been used in a variety of different ways ever since. The material is extremely strong and durable but it is also very thin. This makes it perfect for cycling clothing because it allows you to have the protection you need without having to worry about being weighed down by too much material or too much bulkiness.

Graphene cycling clothing offers perfect sun protection

The biggest benefit of wearing graphene cycling clothing is that it will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Graphene has been proven to absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun and prevent them from reaching your skin and causing damage. This means that you can wear your graphene cycling tops during any outdoor activity without having to worry about getting burned by the sun’s harsh rays.

By the way, we have a very interesting article with all you need to know about UV sun protection cycling clothing. A must-read! Find it here.

The thermoinsulation properties

Another great benefit of wearing graphene cycling clothing is that it will keep you cool even when temperatures are high outside. The material is able to absorb heat from your body and release it back into the atmosphere. You won’t feel as hot as other fabrics would make you feel when worn on a hot day.

Conclusion graphene cycling clothing

Graphene cycling clothing is the next big thing in cycling. It’s made from graphene, which is a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms. It is 200 times stronger than steel, yet extremely flexible and elastic. Graphene can be made into garments that are both breathable and protective, and it can also wick away moisture from your body so you stay dry and comfortable.

Graphene cycling clothing can help you perform better on the bike by keeping you warm or cool as needed. The material also has antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria such as E. coli. E. coli can cause staph infections like MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). This means you’ll be more likely to stay healthy while riding in hot conditions or during races where there may be other riders with compromised immune systems.

Graphene is not only used to enhance cycling clothing but it also improves the performance of disc brake pads, carbon-composite wheels, bike tires and so on. Read about all cycling applications of this material here.

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