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Casual cycling clothing

Cycling is not only about riding your bike but it is a way of life. It is what you breathe and what you live for month after month, week after week and day after day. That’s at least what it is for me. Having been passionate about cycling for several years, cycling has become an important part of my life. I am not only trying to spread that message of cycling love on my bike but also off my bike by wearing casual cycling clothing. Continuously looking for the most trendy casual cycling wear, I love cycling apparel which not only looks good but which also broadcasts a message. It is all in the details you know. Subtle details behind a subtle philosophy or story. That is exactly the reason why I have been a big fan of the casual cycling clothing of La Machine.

la machine casual cycling wear
La Machine casual cycling wear

The story behind the casual cycling clothing of La Machine

La Machine, founded in 2013, is the brainchild of two passionate cycling lovers; Rens Robroek and Sander Tielen. A designer and a marketeer but above all two bike brothers. They decided to combine their love for the two-wheeler with their passion for design, branding and marketing. Inspired by cycling history, cycling terminology and the best bike races in the world they began producing casual cycling clothing and cycling outfits which rapidly gained popularity. These days, La Machine has customers in over 56 countries; customers which share their love for this good-looking cycling apparel on social media and via other channels.

It all started on a small attic with two cardboard boxes and in the meantime the company has become one of the most famous and beloved brands of casual cycling clothing and cycling apparel.

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Casual cycling clothing with an eye for detail

What I love about the casual cycling wear of La Machine are the subtle details and the vintage touch. Being a bike lover I am not only interested in what’s happening today but I am also interested in that heroic cycling nostalgy and history.

Some good examples of vintage casual cycling clothing are their pullovers with back pockets referring to legendary cycling teams like Molteni Arcore and Peugeot Michelin. Molteni Arcore was the team of the one and only Eddy Merckx who won 3 times the Tour de France and 3 times the Giro d’Italia wearing the Molteni jersey. Peugeot Michelin on the other hand is a tribute to Hennie Kuiper. This Dutch cyclist, winner of the Tour de France in 1977 and 1978 and world champion in 1975, is one of the most famous Dutch cyclists ever.

casual cycling wear pullover Molteni
Casual cycling wear pullover Molteni

Another one which I would briefly like to refer to is the “Pedaleur de Charme” shirt (and sweater). Just to show you that Rens and Sander produce casual cycling apparel which emerges from hours of brainstorming, creative workshops and deepdives into cycling history. Oh yeah, Pedaleur de Charme is a tribute to Hugo Kobler, a Swiss rider who was known for his eye-catching appearance. An avant-garde dandy; a mix of beauty, brains and bicycles.

La Machine casual cycling apparel assortment

La Machine has a wide range of cycling apparel selling both casual cycling clothing and classic bike wear. Their casual cycling clothing consists of t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, shirts, polos, track jackets, sweatpants, shorts and swimwear.

My personal experience

I am a big fan of La Machine cycling clothing. Not only because their clothing looks good but also because of the high-quality. At the time of writing I am the proud owner of 3 La Machine T-shirts, one pullover and several sweatshirts. When I wear this cycling apparel on parties with friends or family gatherings, it catches the eye and I am constantly asked about the meaning behind the apparel. La Machine has clearly reached its mission of spreading cycling love and I can truly recommend their clothing when you are looking for cycling clothing that makes and creates a difference.  

If you like vintage cycling clothing as much as I do, check my best retro cycling shirts blog article.

La Machine Reduction and Promo Code

Upon writing this article I have contacted the people of La Machine. Although I have spontaneously written this article based upon my own experience they were very thankful and granted me a reduction and promo code which can be used by my blog readers.

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    Ik heb me net de pedaleur de charme sweater gekocht dankzij dit artikel. Als je nog ideetjes hebt, gooi ze maar op de blog 😉 altijd leuk om nieuwe merken te ontdekken.

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