Why should you buy Chinese carbon bike wheels?

Chinese carbon road bike wheels

There are many reasons to buy Chinese carbon bike wheels. The first and most obvious is the price. They are much cheaper than wheels from other well-known brands like DT Swiss and Roval. Especially if you buy them in bulk. This also saves on shipping costs, which means that your total cost per wheel goes down even more. When the price goes down, you would expect the quality to go down too. But if you go for reliable Chinese brands, the quality is similar thanks to the low labor costs and the fact you buy the wheels directly from the manufacturer. Did you know several big brands like DT Swiss have their wheels manufactured in Asia too? Besides the price, I have experienced myself Chinese cycling wheels are more customizable than any other non-Chinese brand. These are for me the two main reasons to go for Chinese carbon bike wheels.

Chinese Carbon Bike Wheels are Cheaper

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, Chinese carbon bike wheels are cheaper than American or European carbon bike wheels. Why? Because they are mass produced and therefore less expensive than buying a one-of-a-kind wheel from an artisanal manufacturer. But don’t let that put you off! Because as you will notice in the next paragraph mass production doesn’t mean no customization. Labor costs are lower in China and you are directly at the source of cycling wheel production. Many renowned brands have their wheels produced in China and Taiwan too.

Chinese carbon bike wheels have been proven time and time again to be just as good as their counterparts when it comes to quality, performance and durability—and they cost less money too!

Chinese Carbon Bike Wheels are Customizable

Cycling wheels from China are customizable in a number of ways. The decals are just one way that you can personalize your bike with these wheels, but there are other options as well:

  • You can choose from many different sizes and widths. If you want to be sure that the wheels will fit your bike frame, then it’s important to know what size and width options are available for any given set of Chinese carbon bike wheels before making your purchase.
  • You can also select a rim depth (or rim height) that best suits your riding style and preferences.
  • Finish: Chinese brands often let you choose between 12K, 3K and UD finish with two variations per version: Glossy and Matte.

Chinese carbon bike wheels are in general more customizable than wheels available in other countries.

Where to find reliable Chinese carbon wheels?

China has been producing carbon bike wheels for many years now, and they have become a popular choice among riders worldwide. You will have no problem finding high quality Chinese carbon wheels on the market today because there are so many choices available to you. Of course, you always have to be careful. There are Chinese brands and companies on the market which do not really care about your safety and produce low quality wheels. These wheels endanger your safety for sure. The best way to find a decent and reliable brand is to check with friends or family who have already bought a pair of Chinese carbon wheels. You can also check online reviews or go for a brand with a decent website and clear contact details. All these aspects ensure that you are dealing with a reliable, safe and trustworthy bike wheel manufacturer.

Check our Chinese bike brand page to find some of the best and most reliable Chinese road bike brands.

Carbon wheels from Chinese brand Elves Bike
Carbon wheels from Chinese brand Elves Bike

Conclusion & personal experience

In general carbon wheels are expensive, but buying Chinese carbon bike wheels can save you a lot of money. They are in most cases also more customizable than other non-Chinese brands. Since about 6 months I have got my own set of Chinese carbon wheels and I must say I don’t feel a real difference with my premium brand ones from Scope and Roval. They have been servicing me well. Besides, the customer services was very responsive. The wheels arrived about 10 days upon shipment. They were carefully packed and protected during the shipment. So yes, I am a very happy customer and my next carbon wheels will be Chinese again.

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