Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes, from iconic sneaker to cycling shoe

Adidas Black Velosamba Cycling Shoes

Ai caramba… you want to dance the samba? Who doesn’t recall or who hasn’t worn the iconic Adidas sneakers names Adidas samba. Iconic, legandary, trendsetter,… the list of compliments goes on and on. Adidas, the brand with the three stripes, has now launched a special cycling version of its iconic sneaker: the Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes.

Adidas SPD Velosamba Cycling Shoes

Tribute to the iconic Adidas Samba

The new “cycling” shoe is a tribute to a very old Adidas model that dates back to the roaring 50’s of the 20th century; the Adidas Samba. A great Adidas classic, born long before the Stan Smiths or the Superstar. But why does it have this Brazilian dance name? Well, the answer is quite simple. Because basketball made its appearance to the public in 1950, just at the time of the Football World Cup, in Brazil.

Since then, this shoe has enjoyed worldwide success; a success which still lasts. Eddy Murphy worn them in the Beverly Hills Cop and Freddy Mercury made them part of his outfit during the legendary concert at Wembley. The Samba is everywhere, available in dozens of versions and colors, and soon also available as a cycling shoe. Indeed, we are not drunk or you are not dreaming… the Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes will dance their way into the cycling world.

Adidas Velosamba Cycling Shoe Acid Yellow
Adidas Velosamba Cycling Shoe Acid Yellow

From the saddle to the street in the blink of an eye with the Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes

The Adidas Velosamba cycling shoes are a low-top sneakers, in leather, on a rubber sole. In this new version adapted to the bike, the Adidas Velosamba has a reinforced plate over the entire length of the sole, in order to make your pedaling more rigid. Likewise, the famous three bands are reflective here to provide more safety for the cyclist. On the technical side, it is compatible with all types of double screw cleats (Shimano SPD, Time, Look, Crank … etc). The suede reinforcement on the front of the foot, initially intended for playing football, has been retained.

They have a similar look as the real Adidas Cycling Shoes we reviewed a few months before. The big difference is the fact they are not aimed to be the ultimate performers but the focus is on the sneaker-cycling shoe combination.

Price: 120 €. Available from 36 to 48, in four colors: cream white, black, acid yellow and navy blue.

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