The Unique Cycling Clothing Collections of Victory Chimp

Victory Chimp Stampen Cycling Clothing Collection

When we talk about bike apparel, cycling fashion and cycling art, we spontaneously think about the Irish bike wear brand Victory Chimp. Their love and passion for cycling and art results in unique cycling clothing which appeals to more and more riders worldwide… day after day, week after week and month after month. A clear expression of their two-wheeler love are the cycling clothes collections they have released. These Victory Chimp collections consist of a series of cycling apparel going from jerseys over bib shorts to wonderfully matching accessories like caps and glasses. A must-have for every bike lover that doesn’t only want to ride like the best but also wants to look like the best. Yes, appearance does matter… even when you are hitting the road on your pedal pusher.

Victory Chimp papercut cycling clothing collection
Victory Chimp Papercut cycling clothing collection
Victory Chimp Lanes collection
Victory Chimp Lanes collection

Limited Victory Chimp Cycling Clothing Collections

It’s worth to keep an eye on our Instagram and website or to regularly surf to the website of Victory Chimp because once in a while, special clothing collections are launched too. The below Ape bike collection is one of those out-of-the-box bike wear collections the brand unveiled a while ago. It made me long for those nostalgic days when famous Belgian rider Johan Museeuw won Paris-Roubaix and his team mates Tafi and Bortolami ended second and third. An iconic image! Maybe the subtle similarities, but with clear Victory Chimp references like the bananas and the word Ape, between both jerseys give it that vintage look and feel. Well done!

the APE collection from Victory Chimp
The APE collection
Museeuw winning Paris Roubaix in 1996 with his Mapei Cycling Kit
Museeuw winning Paris Roubaix in 1996 with his Mapei Cycling Kit

Where to buy

Visit the website of Victory Chimp to discover their unique and eye-catching bike wear and cycling clothing collections: Victory Chimp

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