The new 2023 Rudy Project collection

Rudy Project 23 Collectie

When it comes to bike helmets and cycling glasses, I can’t complain. It’s safe to say that I have a slight fetish for them. 1, 2, 3,…. 6 bicycle helmets in all sorts of colours and from different brands colour my bike wardrobe. Three by Specialized, one by Limar and two by Rudy Project. Open the drawer above and 1, 2, 3,…7 pairs of bicycle glasses. Julbo, 100%, Oakley and again Rudy Project. My cycling philosophy Look good, Feel good, Ride good has certainly something to do with this. Twice also the brand Rudy Project pops up. Therefore I like to present you the brand new 2023 Rudy Project collection. For the time being,

I do not derive any commercial benefit from putting the 2023 Rudy Project collection in the spotlight. Just for fun and because of my love for everything that has to do with bicycles. Here are some of the most notable cycling glasses and bike helmets. If you want to know more about UV protection cycling accessories; check this blog article.


The Stardash is a multi-functional pair of glasses which protect the eyes from the sun and the elements, all in a timeless style. Weighing 39 grams, this model not only presents itself with an attractive design inspired by the iconic teardrop look. It is also enriched with performance features that offer perfect comfort for the most daring explorers, the most fanatic cyclists and those looking for an elegant style.

Rudy Project designed these glasses to exceed the specific lighting standards of category 4. This model therefore guarantees perfect and wide vision thanks to its high protection lenses. Stardash is even available with category 4 Hi-Altitude lenses and introduces the new ImpactX® Photochromic 2 Laser Crimson self-tinting lens. This new lens offers protection for brightness standards from category 2 in inactive mode, up to category 4 when fully activated by the powerful UV rays.

Stardash cycling glasses from the rudy project 2023 collection
Stardash cycling glasses from the rudy project 2023 collection

In addition to these highly technical lenses, Stardash is also available with ImpactX 2 Laser Brown lenses. These are ideal for gravel, and RP Optics Multilaser mirrored lenses. These glasses also protect the eyesthanks to the removable Side Shields. On its turn ideal not only for protecting against the sun’s annoying rays striking sideways, but also against all disruptive elements, such as wind or dust, during mountain or bike rides. Stardash turns out to be extremely comfortable and, above all, stable. Fully adjustable nose pads and temple tips ensure high comfort. They allow all explorers, cyclists and athletes to fully customise the fit.

The Power Flow system also ehnaces the comfort experience of this model. This system, consisting of micro air intakes in the upper part of the front of the frame, ensures a constant air flow into the glasses, thus minimising the risk of fogging during sporting activities.

The Rudy Project Ride to Zero programme

Stardash stands out with its frame in Rilsan® Clear material. Arkema is the company behind this durable, plant-based and renewable polymer. Arkema wants to ensure the highest standards of performance, durability, lightness, flexibility and impact resistance. Rilsan ® Clear is actually produced from castor oil produced in the Gujarat region of India. It is refined in numerous steps to create the raw material for the polymer. The properties of Rilsan ® Clear are lightness, flexibility and resistance to impact and chemical elements that make this material perfect for sports use. 

Rilsan® Clear represents a crucial evolution in Rudy Project’s path to sustainability. It is a BPA-free material with the highest percentage of vegetable content on the market.

Spinshield Air – Rudy Project 2023 Collection

Lightweight, wide field of vision and attention to design; these are the assets of the Spinshield Air from the Rudy Project 2023 collection. Thanks to the half-rim frame, these goggles are perfect for people who are looking for light and stylish cycling goggles that make a difference.

Just like its predecessor, the Spinshield, the cycling goggles guarantee a clear and safe peripheral vision with sufficient eye protection thanks to the wide-area cylindrical lens. This makes these cycling glasses perfect for both leisure and sports activities such as jogging or cycling.

Spinshield Air cycling glasses Rudy Project 2023 collection
Spinshield Air cycling glasses from the Rudy Project 2023 collection

There is no shortage of technical innovations when it comes to comfort. Think about the ergonomic “Pro-Fit” geometry of the temples. Rudy Project designed this feature whic ensures a stable and comfortable fit. Or the rubber tips and soft “ultra grip” rubber nose pads.

Both models are available with two different nose pads. These pads, the Standard and the “Asian Fit”,ensure the best fit for all face types.

Spinshield Air also introduces an optical solution that many athletes demand for when looking for this type of product. Rudy Project confirms its focus on sports vision solutions by making this lifestyle model compatible with RX solutions thanks to a new optical insert designed specifically for cylindrical lenses.


The Pulse might not be the cycling glasses you were looking for. But I still wanted to briefly mention them as part of the Rudy Project 2023 collection. Pulse is the brand new optical sports frame developed by Rudy Project that we might see popping up in several of the brand’s goggles in the future. Perfect for sports and everyday life, the Pulse combines performance features with an optical construction designed for a wide range of visual solutions, including multifocal lenses.

You can choose from two different shapes for a perfect fit. The soft rubber nose pads are available in two versions to provide comfort for different face shapes. The fully adjustable ear tips ensure a comfortable, secure fit throughout your movement, making the Pulse perfect for indoor and outdoor workouts. The lightweight, ventilated and sleek design offers an elegant look that is ideal to wear at work, during sports or in your spare time.

The Pulse is another step forward in Rudy Project’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact as part of the RIDETOZERO programme. One of the ways the brand does this is by manufacturing the Pulse frame with Rilsan® Clear, a sustainable high-performance biobased polymer developed by Arkema. Rilsan® Clear is made from castor oil grown in the Gujarat region of India. The oil is refined through a series of steps to produce a polymer from the biobased primary raw material. The key properties of Rilsan® Clear are its low weight, high resistance to chemicals, flexibility and easy processing, making it extremely durable and suitable for sports use.

Egos Rudy Project Bike Helmet

The Egos, a new milestone in the Rudy Project 2023 collection, is the most advanced technological bicycle helmet in the Rudy Project range. It combines safety, comfort and ventilation. Created to exceed basic ventilation standards thanks to a dynamic design, the bicycle helmet has a double density EPS core and an innovative internal structure designed to improve not only air circulation but also shock absorption. Safe and ventilating!

 Egos innovative cyling helmet
Rudy Project Egos innovative bike helmet in the 2023 collection

The inner shell of Egos distinguishes itself by the presence of its main feature, the Dual Density, which guarantees a dual function of the helmet. In fact, its shape provides more ventilation in the upper part of the head. This gives the cyclist a greater feeling of comfort. The structure of this bike helmet is characterised by a softer density of the inner shell, which provides greater and better shock absorption. A technical solution that also contributes to a significant reduction in the weight of the helmet.

Some of the innovative Egos cycling helmet technologies

The Egos integrates the latest technologies designed to improve the comfort of cyclists:

  • 3D AIRFRAME BAND is a deflector in the front part of the helmet in contact with the cyclist’s forehead. The helmet itself hides this band. This allows a greater air flow into the helmet, facilitating ventilation and optimal cooling of the head.
  • Ergo Divider is an evolution of the previous Divider Pro system. It offers more comfort thanks to a larger space around the ear and it is easier to use because the strap is held in place. This leads to a perfect fit, eliminating the need for adjustments during a ride.
  • Another important new feature is the Fid Lock magnetic buckle system. This goes beyond the standard Fastex system consisting of the classic click buckle. A solution designed to be faster and safer and to become a trend for future Rudy Project helmets.
  • Egos is also equipped with the new RSR11 anti-slip system that allows micrometric adjustments both in height and width.
  • The helmet comes with a new and double padding: standard and bugstop padding also known as antiinsect net.
  • Two reflective stickers on the back of the helmet help to increase visibility.  

Skudo Rudy Project 2023 Collection Bike Helmet

Soft lines that blend harmoniously with bold edges, the Skudo thus combines a new style with a very comfortable ventilated fit. The compact structure consisting of two fused parts guarantees excellent protection. Besides you can also benefit form a good ventilation thanks to the 17 ventilation holes. Let’s not forget the new 3D AirFrame Band that improves ventilation and comfort.

The Skudo; one of the most technologically advanced cyclinh helmets in the Rudy Project 2023 colllection
The Skudo; one of the most technologically advanced bike helmets in the Rudy Project 2023 colllection

3DAIRFRAME BAND is an air deflector placed in the front part of the helmet in contact with the forehead and hidden by the helmet. This band allows to channel the airflow inside the helmet, facilitating ventilation and optimal cooling of the head. Skudo, 250 gr, is among the lightest products in the Rudy Project catalogue.

This product guarantees excellent comfort, also thanks to the latest miniaturised RSR11 retention system. This system is fully adjustable at the micrometric level, both in height and width.

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