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Aloha dear velofanatics! We are quite enthusiastic today because we have some exciting cycling clothing and triathlon bike wear news to share. Yes, another bike apparel brand will soon see the light of day. The brand we are talking about is the brainchild of Belgian entrepreneur and passionate triathlete Olivier. Welcome Ohana!

Ohana at Kickstarter

It all started for Olivier in faraway Peru! As expat he joined a local triathlon club and soon he was pulled into the passionate world and lifestyle of fanatic sportsmen and women. He realized that life really begins at the end of your comfort zone. Stepping out of his natural comfy habitat he decided to go the extra mile during his quest for a new triathlon suit. He designed and developed his own suit…and that was the start of a fairytale to reality story. Olivier and his team have now decided to share their passion with the sports world and to launch their own brand Ohana via Kickstarter. Your small contribution will help them to launch a sports apparel brand that will make a difference.

Did you know by the way Ohana means ‘family’ in Hawaiian?

Ohana Trisuit
Ohana Trisuit

The Ohana collection

The Ohana collection is the result of intensive research in order to design the ideal trisuit and cycling kit. High compression fabrics which add to the aerodynamics, quick drying characteristics to ensure consistent sweat absorption and additional comfort and high-quality lycra to enhance body temperature regulation. Their complete collection has been tested and validated by pro triathletes!

Besides trisuits for both men and women, the collection also features cycling clothing, running apparel, swim wear and casual sports wear like sweaters and hoodies. Their clothing will be available in 5 colors, namely azure, pine, ink, plum and salmon.

Ohana promo video

When can we preorder?

The Ohana kickstarter project will soon be kicked off! If you want to be close to the action, close to where it all will start, sign up at the official Ohana website. By providing your mail address the team behind the bike wear and triathlon apparel will keep you informed. Watch out, you will only have 45 days to join their movement. Be fast and be fancy!

The big pro of being an early bird at Kickstarter is the fact you will be able to buy their cycling apparel with serious price reductions! Moreover, if you order your cycling clothing or a trisuit within the first 48 hours of the campaign you will receive a fancy bidon that matches your Ohana kit for free.

Visit the Ohana website for more details.

Good luck with the Kickstarter campaign from the Velofanatics team!

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