Know more about the dynamic cycling apparel brand – PedALED 

Emerging as one of the go-to brands for cycling apparel and accessories, the Tokyo-based Pedaled is establishing a distinct identity for itself in a heavily saturated market. Particularly in the last few years, the brand has gained an explosive following among cycling enthusiasts. Both professional, as well as recreational riders, can be seen singing praises of the supreme quality products being offered by the brand.

PEdALED Brand background

PedALED is the vision of designer Hideto Suzuki, who first brought it to life in 2007 as a small independent business based in Tokyo, Japan. The brand has slowly built itself from the ground up, garnering the trust of its customers by adopting rigorous testing techniques before introducing any new collection. Every single new performance enabling cycling apparel range introduced by the brand is put to test, in some of the toughest, most difficult races around the world. This commitment to quality has resonated with cyclists far and wide, resulting in a spike in interest and demand for the brand, in all corners of the globe. 

pedaled gravel riding
pedaled gravel riding clothing

Brand philosophy

Since its inception in 2007, Pedaled strived to merge the world of high-fashion, with the functional and performance efficiency of quality cycling wear. PedALED believes that there is always scope for improvement. This is why Pedaled continues to work and enhance the quality of its cycling garments, elevating not just their function and performance, but the aesthetics as well.  

PedALED: Cycling wear and accessories being offered by the brand

Pedaled offers a spectrum of delightfully aesthetic products. In respect to cycling apparel, the brand offers Cycling Jerseys, Bibs, Baselayers, Jackets and Gilets, and Riding accessories. The brand also offers outwear, such as Tops and T-shirts, Trousers and Shorts, Hats and Caps, Socks and shoes.

In terms of professional cycling apparel for men and women, the brand offers a range of choices. From lightweight summer jerseys to insulated winter layers and bibs built for tough long races, the brand blends classic designs with experimental fits and fabrics. Designed in Japan and crafted in Italy, these collections are some of the best you would find.

PEdALED also has a wide range of off road / gravel riding cycling clothing. If you are a gravel rider this brand is the place to be.

pedaled cap
pedaled cap

What services does it provide to customers?

PedALED has been quite responsible in the manner it provides services to its customers. The brand also offers free shipping on transactions over 150€. With a short delivery time of 3 days, Pedaled has gotten its logistics right. Customers can also return the products that they are not satisfied with, within 15 days of purchase. If the product is returned in an unused state, then the brand provides a refund or exchange of the product.

Active support towards the upliftment of the sport

PedALED has come a long way from being a small business, transitioning to become one of the most globally known brands currently in the market. With its growing popularity, The brand has increased its level of active participation in the development of the sport of cycling. The brand is inspiring professional riders, as well as recreational cyclists, by organising events such as the PedALED Silk Road Mountain Race and the Transcontinental Race.


Interested in fashionable cycling wear from the land of the rising sun? Find below a direct link to their website and webshop. Feel free to visit our blog for more related cycling wear info.

PEdALED Website

PEdALED gallery

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