Thirteen is a unique and advanced cycling clothing manufacturer and seller. They have a specific yet comprising product range of cycling outfits and accessories. This inventive brand works with the best materials and aesthetics to design their bike wear. The team behind Thirteen puts functionality and quality above all other elements. They believe in finding the perfect balance while creating an outfit for their cycling outfit shoppers.

Origin of Thirteen

The brand- “” is under the ownership of DMSTQ Sportsware AB. It is a Swedish sports apparel manufacturing company. They create outfits for as men as for women and even children.

thirteen bike apparel
thirteen bike apparel: the lucky inverted 13

Philosophy of Thirteen

Thirteen believes in doing something totally out of the box while bringing stability to different aspects. The team chose inverted ’13’ as its brand logo. This is considered to be a lucky number along with being special for the race and athletic communities.

They focus on bringing balance to the polar opposite thoughts. Like illusion and rationality. This is quite a distinctive concept to base a cycling jersey brand on. However, balance does bring completeness to sportswear.

Cycling Clothing Collection

You will find a limited but inclusive collection of cycling apparel/ accessories on There are many trendy and timeless cycling jerseys for you to choose from. Apart from this, the brand does have bib shorts, arm warmers, t-shirts, jackets, socks, and water bottles. They also have a range of “Thirteen” caps.

The range is designed under the experienced support of Daniel Chądzyński. He is a former World Master Cycling Federation’s World Champion. With the expertise of designing team and in-field experience of Daniel, these products are both- functional and stylish.

Thirteen cycling socks
Thirteen cycling socks

Inspiration behind the Products

Thirteen has a remarkable collection or product range for its buyers. Most cycling accessories and clothing are based on modern jersey looks. These are very professional-looking and can be worn by regular cyclists as well. The range is mainly focused on Men cyclists; everything from jerseys to socks is designed in different sizes for men. Each clothing item is approved by Daniel Chądzyński and some of his other pro-cycling friends.

The products are run through multiple tests and checked under different environmental conditions. The input of experience and efficiency is maintained in all apparel. The “Thirteen” team uses best in class materials to design the entire clothing line. All panels of the apparel are cut precisely and stitched to last. They also double-check the final products to ensure optimal quality.

Thirteen cycling clothing for women
Thirteen cycling clothing for women

More about the Brand

Thirteen is an unconventional and professional cycling apparel brand. It has a product line that covers different aspects of cycling in different circumstances. Their customized ‘13’ collection makes their products more apt for the cycling-enthusiasts. It is a number specified by the famous- Tour de France, to be written inverted during the race. Their website has a trendy dark-theme with distinctive product names.

The pricing of the products is done in standard European Euros. Their shipping, terms, conditions, and returns policies are very much other European companies. For returns, you will have to get the product back to the brand within 14 days. The product condition and responsibility until it reaches the warehouse is of the buyer. They also have a customer support email for customers in case they receive wrong orders.


Interested in this stylish Swedish cycling brand? Plain colors and a classic inverted thirteen make these wonderful cycling kits. Find below a direct link to their website and webshop. Feel free to visit our blog for more related cycling wear info.

Thirteen Website

Thirteen gallery

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